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Finantare pentru idei de afaceri, orice investitii

2.500.000 €

Strainatate, 29 oct, 15:05

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fonduri pentru inceperea, dezvoltarea unei afaceri. capital disponibil pentru cine vrea sa devina antreprenor, sa inceapa, sa dezvolte o afacere in orice domeniu, asocieri diverse,

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Geneva investors: We support the entrepreneurs with great ideas.

If you trust that a business idea has strong development chances, a great future, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Geneva Investors Investment Plans

For each specific project, Geneva Investors will start the implementation process, once we have several strategies in place. Geneva Investors will always have extensive risk management services done, in order to make sure that all possible volatility is well controlled, and within acceptable limits.

Geneva Investors ensures the partners that this will be the most secured option available to them to maximize the benefits regarding purchasing or selling of commercial or residential real estate, land development options, other investment properties as well as of agricultural land, real estate, in most sectors, on all continents.

Geneva Investors Tailor-Made Solutions

Geneva Investors, before going ahead with any kind of funding, investment or lending, will work with each entrepreneur to understand exactly the business ideas, as well as the personal strengths and capabilities, including the personal circumstances. Only after all of the information is available, Geneva Investors will proceed to a specifically designed strategy, to a tailor made solution related to that specific project. Geneva Investors tailor-made solutions assure long term solid growth and satisfaction for both Geneva Investors and the entrepreneur.

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